For the past year and a half, I have learnt so much interning under Shakaila Forbes-Bell. When I first came across the opportunity in 2017, I was nearing my last semester of college and I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do after college. Before Shakaila posted the News-writer intern opportunity, I had reached out to her some months before. From there I had expressed my concern on whether or not I felt Psychology was truly for me. Her response gave me a sense of enlightenment and she urged me not to give up on the field, because for her in the beginning she stated she was unsure about a future career in psychology, yet she persisted and carved out a sector for herself.

Shakaila was able to incorporate a field that she loved with a field she was undecided with and gave a presence into the world of Fashion Psychology and continues to do so. Fashion Psychology as a field isn’t as popular as it should be, but I genuinely believe it will get there one day. From my internship with Fashion is Psychology, I was introduced to research I wasn’t even aware existed, my favorite being the Lip stick effect! If people knew the Psychology behind things we use in our daily lives, they’d probably be very intrigued.

To continue, I truly appreciated the interviews I was able to partake in, as well as conduct. In that position, I was able to put myself out there and email people in the field of Psychology who had no clue who I was. Sometimes it was a hit or miss, but it always worked out in the end and that’s one thing I’ll always remember. Fashion is Psychology gave me a different outlook on life and it made me rediscover my love for writing and communicating with different people to hear their many opinions. In the near future, I hope to collaborate with Shakaila and her company, and have her apart of where Psychology will take me in the future.

This is not goodbye, but a see you later


Bethany Morrison is a Alumna of Andrews University and has a BS in Psychology. For as long as she can remember, she's been into creative writing and extensive research. She plans to incorporate her love for law and psychology for her future career.

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