The 6 Beauty Lessons to Steal Right Now From Paris Fashion Week

Qui n’avance pas, recule. It’s an old French saying that translates to “who does not move forward, recedes.” And it’s a phrase that lends itself well to the wide spectrum of imaginative, of-the-moment beauty looks that designers put forth at Paris Fashion Week


Fashion Designers Boldly Embrace Their Chinese Heritage

On the fifth day of New York Fashion Week, Sandy Liang treated her Spring/Summer 2019 presentation’s attendees to a visual feast of traditional Cantonese fare at her father’s restaurant, Congee Village, on the Lower East Side. Models posed alongside fried rice, sautéed lotus root, rice porridge and fried noodles, casually eating the food as show goers snapped photos. Beef chow fun had never looked so hip.

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10 Fashion and Beauty Buys For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Talk about feeling pretty in pink—these 10 fashion and beauty finds all give back to a crucial cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pitching in has never been easier.


Why Did Walmart Buy a Plus-Size Women’s Fashion Line?

A small bit of business news could be easily overlooked, but it says a lot about the failure of the self-help industry and its close bedfellows, fitness and dieting programs. Walmart just announced the purchase of ELOQUII, a plus-size women’s fashion start-up that has had great success selling online fashionable clothing for women who wear size 14 and above.

[Psychology Today]

How Beauty Bakerie founder Cashmere Nicole went from food stamps to launching a multi-million dollar cosmetics brand

Before Cashmere Nicole Cirillo founded Beauty Bakerie, she was a single parent, struggling to make ends meet. Now, the 34-year-old makeup mogul is empowering women across the globe through her inspiring life story. Ulta, the nationwide cosmetics store, will soon stock her products.

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Fashion’s Obsession with Youth More Bankable Than Ever

One of the pushbacks against Hedi Slimane’s Celine debut seems to be that he has effectively replaced Phoebe Philo’s grown-up, self-assured, sophisticated woman with her teenage daughter. A gawky, rebellious waif straight from central casting who stays out all night in barely-there clothing is the French house’s new message. But of a collection which the designer had entitled “Journal Nocturne de la Jeunesse Parisienne,” what did we expect?

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