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Colour Psychology


This lesson on the psychology of colour offers a deep dive into how colours affect human perception, emotion, and behaviour. By exploring the intricate connections between colours and psychology, students gain insight into the profound impact of colour choices in various contexts. From understanding how different colours evoke specific emotions to examining the cultural and biological influences on colour preferences, students uncover the complexities of colour psychology. Practical applications in design, branding, and marketing underscore the importance of considering colour in professional settings.

What you will learn:

  • How we see and interpret colour
  • How to use colour theory to create harmonious outfits
  • How your body reacts to colour
  • What do different colours means according to research


  • 1 Section
  • 8 Lessons
  • 4 Quizzes
  • 1h Duration
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Colour Psychology for every day
8 Lessons4 Quizzes
  1. Colour Psychology (Part 1)
  2. Colour Psychology (Part 2)
  3. Cell type and colour quiz
  4. Colour Psychology (Part 3)
  5. Colour Psychology (Part 4)
  6. Match the style to the colour relationship
  7. Colour Psychology (Part 5)
  8. Colour Psychology (Part 6)
  9. Your body on colour
  10. Colour Psychology (Part 7)
  11. Colour and brand identity
  12. Key Takeaways
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