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Introduction to Fashion Psychology

12 week intensive
Online Course

With Shakaila Forbes-bell

Who is this course for?

Fashion Stylists:
If you’re a stylist looking to deepen your understanding of how clothing choices influence individuals, this course is your key to unlocking a new level of expertise. Gain insights into the psychological nuances that shape personal style, enabling you to curate more impactful and meaningful looks for your clients.

Whether you’re a psychology major fascinated by the intersection of mind and fashion or a design student eager to add depth to your creative process, this course provides a comprehensive exploration. It complements your academic journey, providing a unique perspective that can set you apart in your field.

For professionals in marketing and retail, understanding the psychological aspects of consumer behavior is imperative. This course equips you with the knowledge to craft more effective marketing strategies, optimize brand messaging, and ultimately drive sales. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with a nuanced understanding of your target audience.

Style Enthusiasts:
If you’re an individual keen on refining your personal style, shopping more strategically, and fostering a healthier relationship with fashion, this course offers invaluable insights. Learn how to make conscious and empowering choices, ensuring that your wardrobe aligns with your authentic self.

Why choose this course?

Elevate Your Styling Skills:
Understand the psychology of fashion to create looks that resonate with individual personalities and emotions, taking your styling expertise to new heights.

Strategic Shopping:
Master the art of strategic shopping by decoding the psychological factors that influence purchasing decisions. Save time, money, and make more intentional wardrobe choices.

Career Advancement:
Professionals in the fashion industry can leverage their enhanced understanding of fashion psychology to drive career growth. From stylists to marketers, this course provides a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving field.

Career-Relevant Knowledge:
Acquire practical skills that directly impact career development, making you an asset in the competitive world of fashion communication and consumer insights.

Flexibility and Accessibility:
Study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Our online platform ensures accessibility for individuals with diverse schedules and commitments.

Ready to redefine your relationship with fashion and take your career to the next level? Enrol now to unlock the transformative power of Fashion Psychology.

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1. Fashion psychology and you

Uncover the role of clothing in shaping how you define yourself and your role in society. Discover how clothes influence well-being and the role fashion plays in sociopolitical and cultural movements.

2. Consumer Psychology

You will learn about the mental processes that occur when deciding whether to buy something. You will understand the psychology of consumer behaviour and the tactics retailers use to encourage consumers to buy. You will learn how to use scientific research to shop smartly and discover the science behind retail therapy.

3. Design thinking

This module will allow you to understand the relationship between fashion and wellbeing. You will understand the psychology of creativity and how it influences fashion design and the everyday consumer. You will also learn about the significance of improved mental health practices within the fashion industry.

4. Style Psychology

Understand how psychology impacts the decisions we make when it comes to our personal style. Learn about how you can use psychological theories to develop a style that speaks to your best self. Develop a keen understanding of the relationship between clothes and body image.

5. Fashion psychology and Sustainability

Discover the psychology of sustainable consumption. Learn about psychological studies which reveal the motivations behind sustainable consumption and how these insights can be used to fundamentally change shopping habits. ADD-ON

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Learn at your own pace

No fixed start date! Start the course whenever you want! After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email link to your first pre-recorded session. Each lesson is interactive with quizzes and reflective questions and will be between 45 mins - 1 hour long. We aim to deliver lessons on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. After the final session you will receive a certificate of completion from Fashion is Psychology™ Ltd.


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