EP2 Bad Breakups can sometimes be a rebirth

The Big Dress Energy Podcast ultimately explores how you can harness the principles of fashion psychology to upgrade your look – and dress in a way that feels completely authentic.

For this episode, your host, Fashion Psychologist, Shakaila Forbes-Bell is speaking to two insanely talented sustainability pioneers. Listen in for how to balance your love of clothes with the criticism of the fashion industry, the importance of tailoring and how the lowest points in our lives often lead to our greatest success. A key takeaway from this episode is not to be scared of a bad break-up as our guests would agree they can propel us into a stage that we need to be in.

Josephine Phillips (@josephine_ _philips), founder and CEO of Sojo, a startup re-inventing the clothing repair and tailoring industry. Having launched the UK’s first clothing alterations and repairs app in early 2021, Sojo now works with eCom fashion brands to help them reduce returns and increase circularity through an integrated and scalable repair & alteration service.

Aja Barber (Qajabarber), author of the book Consumed, an essential read for everybody who wants to stop feeling clueless and helpless about the impacts of consumerism and start doing their part to help create a more sustainable world. She’s also a stylist and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape.

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