S2 EP8 The Psychology of Lingerie

The ⁠⁠⁠⁠Big Dress Energy⁠⁠⁠ ⁠Podcast ultimately explores how you can harness the principles of fashion psychology to upgrade your look – and dress in a way that feels completely authentic.

For episode 8, uncover the impact of a perfectly fitting bra and how this could potentially save you from unnecessary surgeries and enhance your overall well-being. Explore the significance of a diverse shade range in underwear, empowering individuals of all skin tones. Join us as we discuss how embracing underwear as a form of respect for your body fosters self-love and body positivity in every aspect of our lives.

Join the conversation with:

Ade Hassan (@itsadehassan) is the founder of Nubian Skin (@nubianskin), a lingerie and hosiery brand specialising in nude undergarments for women of colour. Nubian Skin managed to do something that had an impact beyond itself. ‘Redefining nude’, and making the term more inclusive meant that Nubian Skin has had a huge influence, with many other parts of the industry realising they need to be more inclusive.

To further commemorate her contribution, Ade received an MBE from Prince William and has continued to shake the fashion industry.

Katie Weir (@weirwonderful) has over 16 years experience in the lingerie industry, she has created revolutionary marketing campaigns in the fuller bust lingerie industry, her PR career has seen her feature on Lorraine and Stephs Packed Lunch as a Lingerie Expert and she has sent bras to Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Beyonce and so many more and regularly works with UK household names including Alison Hammond, Josie Gibson and Lad Baby Mum to ensure the perfect fit for every occasion!

Katie’s main mission in her life and career is to offer bra-fitting education for all in the media, a cross social platforms and in-person events! Boob love is big for Katie!

Illustrations by: ⁠Martine Mbala⁠ (@martinembalaart)

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