fashionable escapism


I spoke to the Guardian on how clothes have become another way to psychologically transport ourselves on holiday. 

“Many people are craving their pre-pandemic lifestyles. As such, they have begun utilising their wardrobes as a tool not only to experience escapism but also to regain a sense of normalcy. You may not be able to hop on a plane and unwind on a beach … but you can … [dress] the part to amplify the experience of your staycation.”
“Studies have shown that outlandish dressing or simply dressing in a way that is outside of your day-to-day can carry a tension-release dimension.”

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I was thrilled to share my insights with the German publication Augsburg Allgemeine on how our relationship with style is impacted by COVID-19. Including the shift towards feel-good fashion, fashionable escapism and the role of sustainability. 

“The relationship we have with our clothing has changed the most as a result of the Corona crisis.” 

“Fashion escapism is making itself felt on social media platforms like the TikTok”, noted Shakaila Forbes-Bell. “Fashion can be used as a tool to escape daily routines that are constrained by Covid.”

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