EP7 Internal Emotion and External Appearance

The Big Dress Energy Podcast ultimately explores how you can harness the principles of fashion psychology to upgrade your look – and dress in a way that feels completely authentic.

This is not your typical fashion podcast, we use science and insights to help you think more mindfully about your wardrobe. For this episode, your host, Fashion Psychologist and Best Selling Author, Shakaila Forbes-Bell is joined by two amazing guests, but this time it is not just about clothes but overall aesthetics- we are talking Beauty Psychology! Join the conversation with:

Alicia Lartey (⁠@alicia.lartey⁠), London beauty influencer, scientist and aesthetician. Alicia has carved a niche for herself on Instagram as one of beauty’s most personable, straightforward and knowledgeable skincare experts.

Dina El Adlani (⁠@espererskincare⁠), Psychologist and Former Makeup Artist. Dina is the founder of ESPÉRER SKIN CARE. The first skincare brand founded entirely from the principles of Pyschodermatology. This field of study aligned with Dina’s need to create skincare that connects the skin and mind, through carefully selected natural ingredients with psychological benefits.

Listen in for the best skin care tips, how your mind can impact your skin, and insight into their fabulous skin career success. You are in the right place to find the answers to help your skin.

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