S2 EP3 Your Hair is Your Crown

The ⁠⁠Big Dress Energy⁠ ⁠Podcast ultimately explores how you can harness the principles of fashion psychology to upgrade your look – and dress in a way that feels completely authentic. Don’t miss out on this inspiring and informative episode!

Delve into the psychological aspects of hair care, explore the importance of learning to appreciate your locks and the joy of self-care. Throughout the conversation,  there is a strong emphasis on the significance of representation, trust, and self-expression in the beauty industry. Plus, get ready for some haircare tips and golden product recommendations.

Join the conversation with:  Jamelia Donaldson (@jameliaisobsessed),  the founder and CEO of ⁠TreasureTress⁠ — a monthly product subscription service for girls and women with kinky-curly hair. As a solution to the beauty industry’s difficulty connecting to their Black, female consumer in the UK, Jamelia added a consultancy arm to TreasureTress as a way to guide brands on the unique experience of the Black, UK natural hair consumer. Treasure Tress has proven that natural hair and black sisterhood can truly go hand in hand.

Illustrations by: ⁠Martine Mbala⁠ (@martinembalaart)


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