S2 EP4 Are we growing from this space?

The ⁠⁠Big Dress Energy⁠ ⁠Podcast ultimately explores how you can harness the principles of fashion psychology to upgrade your look – and dress in a way that feels completely authentic.

How can being in the fashion industry allow you to connect with people on a deeper level?  Get ready, as we dive into the world of self-expression, personal growth and the power of style. From discussing diverse career trajectories to challenging assumptions based on appearance, this episode is packed with laughter and authenticity.

Explore the importance of vulnerability to create an inclusive industry, how to show up for business and more…

Join the conversation with:

Debora Tonet (@caciatonet) the founder of ⁠Black Girls in Fashion⁠, a global community amplifying excellence worldwide. With over a decade of diverse experience Debora bridges the gap between artistic realms, encompassing fashion styling, creative copywriting, creative marketing, and branding. The platform offers fashion and business reporting, content creating, community events, and brand partnerships. It’s a one-stop shop for uplifting and platforming Black women working within the industry and connecting young creatives with their industry counterparts. Empathy fuels her approach, forging connections beyond business.

Daniel Peters (@danielptrs), the founder of the ⁠Fashion Minority Report⁠, which aims to hold the fashion industry accountable and create positive and meaningful change. Daniel holds years of experience within the fashion industry, having previously worked at Burberry, Selfridges and The British Fashion Council. It’s during those years that he crafts his marketeer’s mind and simultaneously experiences first hand the lack of diversity within the industry. Alongside this, Peters sits on the conscious inclusion committee of the British Fashion Council and is a trustee for the charity Relate.

Illustrations by: ⁠Martine Mbala⁠ (@martinembalaart)

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