I discussed the importance of having comfort in our wardrobes amidst a post-pandemic world for CBC News. 

Clothing allows us to imagine and reflect the person we want to be now, the person we want to be in the future and the person we fear we’ll be. 

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I was delighted to discuss my predictions for approaching fashion as we emerge from lockdown with IWCountyPress. I shared my insights into fashionable masks, loungewear sales and outlandish dressing.

“If people start thinking of [a mask] as an extension of their wardrobe I think it will definitely encourage people to wear it more. I think with anything if you make it fashionable, if you make it something that someone can use to express their identity or express themselves in a different way then it will of course be appealing. So I do think it’s a win-win situation.”

“I think 60% of people cannot wait to get dressed up again and get in heels and get in the glamour and then 40% of people obviously really relished the comfort and think ‘no, I’m going to take comfort over style’.”

“There are studies that show outlandish dressing and dressing out of the ordinary have been linked to escapism so I think people will really be wanting to tap into that and have some fun because we’ve been so restricted.”

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