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Beyond the glistening of the diamonds, the ability to connect and express yourselves hangs in our jewellery. Just like carrots help us to see in the dark, carats can shine a light into who we want to be 😉

Let’s get into some psychological studies… 

“Just let me do the talking.” - Jewellery

Jewellery can be a ‘status object’, showcasing your…

  • Wealth/ Social status – Rolex
  • Religious beliefs – Cross Necklace
  • Romantic availability – Diamond ring

For example, from time, pearls, also known as the ‘queen of gems’ have been regarded by many cultures as one of the most precious natural minerals. Pearls were gifted to Chinese emperors around 2300 BC as they symbolised purity. During the Dark Ages, knights would wear them in battle, convinced that they would provide protection.

Today, wearing a pearl necklace can symbolise importance and belonging to a particular social group. You can attract people who value the message conveyed by your jewellery. 

New Jewellery, new me.

Jewellery can be a ‘transitional object’ that acts as a source of comfort, soothing you and transporting you to happier times. So, originally transitional objects are described as pieces used by children for comfort such as a teddy bear, allowing for security when exploring further from their primary attachment figure. 

Now we may use jewellery as a source of good luck or comfort such as wearing a healing crystal. Crystals are a commonly used tool to aid individuals in their everyday lives and alleviate mental health concerns.

We may also hold on to the jewellery of loved ones that are no longer with us as a source of comfort in their memory. This association we have can explain why jewellery is often gifted and handed down at moments of growth such as significant birthdays or milestones. 

The Thieving Magpie

An intrinsic quality of jewellery is the magpie effect. Studies have found that we favour objects that are displayed on a shiny surface over matte ones. 

Evolutionary psychologists suggest this attraction may have roots in our ancestral quest for precious water sources. Objects with reflective surfaces remind us of that and are therefore enticing.

Big Dress Energy: The Earrings

To celebrate one year since the launch of our Best-Selling book ‘Big Dress Energy’ we have collaborated with @collection_by_rin on some absolutely fabulous earrings. 

Be the first to match with your book in the most BDE way ever with this one-of-a-kind accessory.

Enter the competition over on our Instagram (@fashionispsychology) for your chance to win a pair, plus a signed copy of the book.

Here is what the wonderful Karin Ryhnes (@collection_by_rin) had to say on the psychology behind jewellery and the deeper meaning behind her beautiful brand:

Why did you start Collection by Rin?

The idea to start my own brand and company came about during a transitional period when I was in college. I was searching for a way to express myself and bring to life what was inside of me emotionally. I initially started making and selling journals. Journals have always held sentimental value to me and have always been an integral part of maintaining my mental health. 

As time passed, jewelry became the main focal point of my brand because I realized I could create pieces that spoke to who I wanted to be; confident and bold. I found that creating jewelry helped me to work through a lot of the insecurities I was feeling at that time. Switching to jewelry was an opportunity to create pieces that spoke to how I wanted to be seen on the outside and also how I wanted to feel inside. From there, it became clear that I could help others feel confident and seen through their jewelry.

What type of person do you have in mind when you are designing your pieces?

I design for everyone, from the fashionistas who want to command a room, to the women who are looking for that last finishing touch to unlock their inner potential.  A good friend of mine wore a pair of my earrings for a photoshoot she did for herself. Seeing my pieces accompany her in this beautiful moment of self love and appreciation for her body is why I do what I do! I design for the moments you announce yourself; the moments you want to unleash your inner goddess! 

I also have specific icons in mind like Rihanna. I love Rihanna and she exudes so much confidence and coolness. I think about what earrings she would wear and go from there. 

How do you aim to make your customers feel when they wear your earrings?

I want them to feel confident and ready to take on the day when wearing my jewelry. I imagine them putting on a pair of my earrings, looking in the mirror, and letting out a little squeal because they know they look good and feel amazing! 

Can you tell me about a time your pieces have served as a conversation starter or boosted your own confidence?

I went to a networking event in Hollywood once. It was focused on breaking into the fashion industry. I get really shy with networking, but I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone.  I put on my most popular design, the Boomerang studs in bright lime green. I instantly felt like a fashionista. I even got a compliment from one of the panelist who also happens to have styled Beyonce!!!  Not only did I feel like I belonged in that room, but I also felt so proud of myself for branching out. 

Sometimes when I dress up or wear my biggest earrings I feel like I’m doing the most. But then I think to myself, why would I wanna do the least? 

Wearing my earrings forces me to show up fully whether I like it or not – they command attention, they draw eyes, and they signal to others that I am someone they should get to know. 

What does the Psychology behind Jewellery mean to you?

To me the psychology behind jewelry is why we choose diamonds and pearls for a gala. For me, I think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I think of pearls. She is the embodiment of classy and one example of why I associate pearls with classiness.

The psychology behind jewelry answers why certain jewelry items speak to us more; why they resonate with us more. It also answers why we have certain beliefs about the pieces we chose to adorn ourselves with.

There are many factors influencing the associations we place on jewellery and so the significance can vary from person to person. Gaining insight into the psychological aspects can give us the knowledge to utilise the full power jewellery can enchant us with.

Maisie Allum

Author Maisie Allum

Maisie is a passionate Psychology of Fashion undergraduate at London College of Fashion, she applies her analytical and inquisitive skills to fashion business with the aim to positively enhance wellbeing.

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