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In recent years, skincare has evolved beyond improving the skin’s appearance; the various benefits for mental health have come to the forefront.

According to Fashion Psychology, a daily skincare routine also serves as a form of self-care, offering multiple positive effects, such as boosting self-esteem and enhancing emotional well-being. These benefits are due to both the properties of the products as well as the act of performing the routine itself.

So, what are these effects exactly, how do they work, and how can we design our routines to boost their benefits for our mental well-being?

Enhancing Life Through Skincare

A recent study on the effects of consistent skincare routines has shown significant enhancement in the overall quality of life. The beauty regimen improves self-perception by boosting feelings of attractiveness and self-confidence. It is reported that empowerment, happiness and heightened self-esteem are also promoted.

The advantages of an established beauty regimen not only concern your self-image. They also increase your energy level and reduce feelings of fatigue.  Additionally, research highlights the calming effects of scented skincare products; they are particularly effective in reducing stress levels, uplifting mood, and fostering a sense of relaxation.

These benefits extend beyond personal well-being to social interactions. Enhancing confidence and enjoyment during public engagements results in more pleasurable time spent with family and friends.

Why Skincare Works Wonders

The positive impacts of skincare routines are due to activation of psycho-physiological and sensory processes. Firstly, improvements in skin condition enhance your self-perception and contribute to the overall positive effects associated with it. 

Secondly, fragrances trigger our olfactory system by stimulating and calming our senses. For instance, citric-scented products invigorate and elevate mood, while lavender fragrances promote relaxation and stress relief. In addition, cleansing the skin provides a sense of freshness and cleanliness

Taking a break from daily chores and responsibilities and thus focusing on one’s well-being is another cause for the increased feeling of happiness and empowerment.

Overall, combined with the sensory activation of smell and touch and the act of dedicating time to self-care, a beauty regimen creates a comprehensive multisensory experience.

Who Benefits the Most and When

There are times when the benefits of skincare routines are particularly beneficial. For example, research reports additional benefits for new mothers regarding self-confidence, even without make-up.

Additionally, during periods of fatigue, stress or low mood, taking time for skincare becomes even more beneficial. Even simple actions like cleaning your face and applying a hydrating cream can yield positive effects.

Tips to Maximize Your Skincare Routine

  • Keep it simple: Don’t overcomplicate the process, and start with the basics – cleanser, hydrating cream, and sunscreen. 
  • Choose wisely: Focus on products that cater to your skin’s needs to improve its condition and feel good.
  • Scented selection: Choose products with scents aligning with your desired outcomes: citrate fragrance for stimulation when feeling tired or lavender for relaxation.
  • Mind-body connection: Think of the mental health benefits to enhance the positive effects.

Embrace your routine as a time for self-care and an investment in your mental health!

Suheda Nur Bulut

Author Suheda Nur Bulut

Suheda is an undergraduate psychology student and freelance writer who loves combining her studies with her passion for fashion and beauty. She aims to positively impact the world by exploring the connections between mental health, personal development, and daily routines.

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