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Fashion Psychology

The latest insights from the world of fashion psychology

Fashion Psychology Courses

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Introductory Lessons

  • The history of fashion psychology
  • Why we need fashion psychology 
  • How fashion psychology can benefit you

Design Thinking 

  • Mental health in the fashion industry
  • Psychology for Fashion Designers
  • Clothes and wellbeing
3h 30m

Consumer Psychology

  • Learn how to shop intentionally
  • Use science to save money
  • Discover how retail therapy works

Colour Psychology

  • Does colour even exist?
  • How we see colour
  • How to style colour

Beauty Psychology

Psychodermatology, hair and beauty

The big dress energy podcast

Your favorite monthly podcast on all things fashion psychology


Discover how fashion psychology can revolutionise your wardrobe – and the way you see yourself

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When People Hear The Words ‘The Psychology Of Fashion’…

….a look of befuddlement often appears on their face. Many people assume that The Psychology of Fashion solely relates to the way clothes make you feel and that would be incorrect. Whilst research into topics such as Enclothed Cognition and First Impressions have found a link between clothing and behavioural responses, the study of the Psychology of Fashion is extremely multifaceted.

The Psychology of Fashion involves applying psychological theories, practices and approaches to various aspects within the fashion industry. Some of the many topics include multicultural marketing, brand loyalty, cognitive dissonance, the concept of retail therapy, vanity sizing, sustainability, collaboration and much, much more.

The fashion and textile industry is worth upwards of £26 billion in the UK alone. A psychological understanding of the multidimensional nature of consumer behaviour can positively impact the fashion industry in numerous ways. It will not only ensure that new brands entering the industry are able to be competitive but will also provide established brands with the in-depth knowledge required to enter new markets and engage consumers in our-ever changing cultural climate.

The aim of The Psychology of Fashion blog is to foster the growth of research into the fashion industry, incite positive change and offer a new understanding into a business which makes up a huge portion of our everyday lives.

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